Inspired by culture and derived from nature, St. Leo creates premium, eco-friendly finishes that elevate the experience of architectural spaces. Established in Denmark in 2019, St. Leo draws upon Scandinavian heritage and craftsmanship to produce contemporary paint and plaster from the finest natural minerals with a focus on sustainability, tactility and understated elegance.
From our Copenhagen headquarters and studio, St. Leo designs and produces two collections of architectural finishings: Dolomite Plaster offers 16 pre-mixed interior plasters crafted from premium, sustainable materials for rich colour profiles and a variety of elegant textures, and the Original Pigments Paint collection comprises three wall and ceiling paints and three wood and metal paints in a variety of colours.

Dolomite Plaster

16 Colours

Original Pigments Paint

16 Colours


Colour Concept

St. Leo’s colours and textures are informed by timeless façades, streets and interiors around the globe. From the raw stone structures of French monasteries to the subtly textured walls of Italian masserias. St. Leo takes inspiration from such places, transferring their atmosphere to new interior realms. In this way, a room finished with St. Leo has the power to transport the inhabitant to a distant world. Warm terracotta hues such as Rue Loubet channel classic Parisian buildings, while light grey Herluf Trolles Gade recalls the Baroque architecture of Copenhagen. Each colour in the Dolomite Plaster and Original Pigments Paint collection carries the name of the place it was inspired by, along with the rich stories found in that corner of the world.

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COLOUR STUDY 19: Rose, Terracotta & Burnt Sienna

date: 16/04/21



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